What is Art?

What is art? Art is many things. The one thing art is not is simple, meaningless decoration. In a room with plain walls, although this may seem modern and sophisticated to some, I feel uninspired and cold. Plain walls are draining; they suck the life out of you. Walls with artwork on them – almost whatever kind of artwork – can provide the motivation and inspiration to face the day with confidence and a smile. The bold and colourful paintings of magnificent scenes and breathtaking sunsets on our walls at home help us prepare for a long day: we feel energised by them, drinking in the inspiration and life exuded by the colours and the brush strokes.

What is art? Art is a vessel. Art is an instrument. But art is also a source. Art is provision. Art is essential equipment for the mind and the soul. Art clothes us and nourishes us, preparing us for life and counselling us through life’s twists and bumps. Art inspires, fills and energises.

Art is LIVING.


P.S. You can buy my artwork from http://www.KatGibsonArt.com – or see more on Etsy, Facebook or Instagram at KatGibsonArt. Here’s a video you may like!


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