Rewards & Gifts

All new students receive a Welcome Pack which consists of the three most useful brushes in acrylic painting; an A4 Sketchbook containing 40 sheets of artist paper; a Mastery Checklist (since it’s always satisfying to tick a box once we’ve learnt or achieved something!); a Tear-Off Pallette, a pencil and a personal set of acrylic paints. After Session 2 this equipment can be taken home and used outside the sessions. Students will be expected to bring this equipment to each session to use in class, but while in class they will also have access to more extensive supplies of paints, canvasses and the like. After each session each student will be given a code to access a detailed recap of what we learnt in that session, through this website.

After 6 sessions each student will receive a reward consisting of four 30x40cm stretched canvasses, a set of ten new brushes in a variety of sizes, a full set of very nice acrylic paints used by professionals, and a £10 voucher to spend on my website. The paints and brushes should be brought to each class, but the rest can be kept at home. 30x40cm canvasses will now be used in class in addition to the sketchbook.

After 12 sessions each student will graduate SOAP Level 1, having learnt a number of useful techniques, styles and tools for painting with acrylics. At this point each student will receive a badge, certificate and reward consisting of two 40x50cm canvasses, three 30x40cm canvasses, a choice between a new set of brushes or a new artist sketchbook, some scented soap (to clean brushes, skin and clothing when practicing at home), and a further £20 voucher to spend on my website.

On entering SOAP Level 2 the students will receive a Canvas Pad, an artist pen, new brushes if desired, and 10 Artist Mounts which will be used throughout the course as artwork is produced. Then afterwards the same benefits apply for the 6-session and 12-session landmarks reached as in Level 1.

All adult students will have opportunity to display and/or sell their paintings through their own personal page on my website, should they wish to do so. I can set up and manage the page for you – you simply choose the content. I won’t take any commission from paintings sold: you choose the price, and the buyer pays directly into your PayPal account. Your page will be and I can provide personalised artist business cards for you to pass on to family and friends who may want to see your page and purchase your paintings. Excited yet?