Winter Pine Trees

I have never yet been to Finland in Winter. I am fortunate enough to go to Finland every second Summer because my wonderful Mother-in-Law is Finnish and we like to visit the extended family out there, and because the scenery and sunsets are so stunning – this is the inspiration behind many of my sunset-themed paintings. However, thus far I have only my imagination to work with when it comes to Finland in winter. One day I hope to go there and experience the tradition of sitting in the Sauna for a while and then rolling around in the snow, a process that is repeated many times in a row – and of course I hope to meet Santa, and see the Northern Lights. One day. For now I merely indulge in my imagination and my paints. Here is a simple woodland scene covered with snow. Can you feel the cold biting against your face, and hear the whistle, rustle and occasional thud of the trees gently swaying and dropping mounds of snow from their branches?


Oil on 10″x12″ artist paper, mounted and framed, ready to hang.

Just £70 including P&P!  Buy Now
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