This painting takes a more impressionist style than most of my others – the bold, simple shapes and the disconnected pieces of plant, flower and stem leaves the picture very much open to the imagination and invites the viewer to mentally impose their favourite flowers and favourite flower-related memories onto the painting. Being given flowers, and putting them in vases, is the British answer to so many things. Dinner invitations. Hearing that a loved one is unwell. Congratulations. Birthdays. Comforting the bereaved. And different types of flowers are relevant to different people at different times. In some cultures certain flowers have certain meanings and sentiments attributed to them, and I guess to a certain extent it is the same here in England. I remember hearing a school friend talk about how her boyfriend had bought her yellow roses, and another friend exclaimed, “Yellow roses?! You buy your Grandmother yellow roses, not your girlfriend!”
The generic small white, red and yellow flowers in this painting could therefore mean quite different things to each person who sees the picture. To me it is a happy image, because the flowers spread out in all directions and fill almost the entire canvas – and a calm image because of the soothing blue backdrop and deep blue vase. The vase is on a simple yet elegant glass table, representing a chic and sophisticated household, and the display of flowers on the table implies that caring and content people live in that house.

Oil on 10″x12″ canvas paper, framed and ready to hang.

Just £60 including P&P! Buy Now
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