Evening on the Lake

In Finland many families spend their summers staying in summer cottages (with saunas of course) beside lakes, and the cottages are usually equipped with small boats so that people can go out rowing every day. In the North of Finland it doesn’t get particularly dark at night in summer (nor does it get particularly light in winter) but there are stunning red and orange sunsets for an hour or so at around 11pm followed by a slightly darker blue sky – then at around 4am the sky once again fills with colour and then is bright blue all day until 11pm. Those sunset times are fantastic for going for a quiet, romantic row on the lake. It is warm but not too hot, and the sounds of the trees and summer insects are all that can be heard. This painting was inspired by a photo that my brother-in-law took of my sister-in-law on the lake with her husband when we were all there a few years ago. What a beautiful, peaceful place Finland is.


Acrylic on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas (with sides painted), ready to hang.

Just £60 including P&P! Buy Now
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