Dog on the Beach

Everyone loves a sunny day on a sandy beach! Whether you enjoy coastal walks, playing in the sea, building sand castles, digging holes, collecting shells, sitting and reading or simply watching the view, the beach is a favourite place for so many people. It is a place where the child within is given permission to come out; where ‘play’ comes alive to adults and children alike; where we are set free to forget about the pressures of work or the issues at home or whatever else may be plaguing our minds on a daily basis – free to laugh and eat ice cream and run and splash around and enjoy. I imagine we all have special memories of time spent with family or friends on the beach, memories that evoke all sorts of emotions within us.
Similarly, I think it is wonderful how the love, attention and pure excitement of small dogs can bring out the child within us and teach us once again to forget the world and just to play. It is marvellous seeing dogs experience snow, or sand, or even rain, for the first time – watching their curiosity and wonder take over and being inspired to see the world through fresh eyes, eyes that see the amazing beauty all around us and see the world as if for the first time.
Maybe the little dog in the painting has been to the beach many times before – maybe even every day for as long as he can remember – or perhaps this is the first time. Either way this painting is a small expression of the happiness that accompanies trips to the beach – causing people of all ages and backgrounds both to giggle and to gaze at the immense sea – and of the happiness that dogs bring to life.

Oil on 10″x12″ artist paper, framed and ready to hang.

Just £60 including P&P! Buy Now
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