Cold Night

Have you ever been walking alone in the snow at twilight? Perhaps for those who live with snow for a large chunk of every year this has less of an enchanting feel, but for me it’s breathtaking. There is something about the dark grey-blue sky and the way the snow sparkles and glistens in the dim light that is beautiful beyond description. The icy water in this painting seems to almost glow in its bold stand beneath the star-strewn sky, and the trees are like muscular bouncers protecting the sleeping forest and guarding the hibernating creatures against disturbance. It is so wonderful how the forest works together, the plants and animals cooperating and living peacefully and simply with one another, sheltered by the bravest and strongest of trees. During Spring and Summer the trees, plants and creatures may be heard chattering to one another but at nightfall in winter barely a sound can be heard – the silence is almost tangible and stings like the cold, but offers a place for the necessary unraveling of the mind.

Acrylic on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas, with sides painted and ready to hang.

Just £55 including P&P!  Buy Now

Available to buy from See other items on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram at KatGibsonArt.


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