This simple beach painting reminds me of early morning walks when I went on a family holiday camping in Tenby, almost a decade ago – although it isn’t necessarily a painting of Tenby but a generic beach scene that could be almost anywhere. The campsite where we were staying was a very short walk away from the beach and I loved to go there at around 7am when it was almost empty. I would walk along and sing, and occasionally would realise that there was a dog walker fairly nearby who may have heard me – but I didn’t mind. It was a safe space for me; it felt like I could almost see it as my own, and didn’t need to play along to anyone else’s agenda. I think we all need those safe spaces in our lives, to help us realise our potential and become who we were truly meant to be. That beach for that one short week gave me the headspace to think about life in a different way to how I had been thinking; to imagine and dream and wonder; to be mentally free from all external and internal pressures to be and do what was expected of me. Where is your safe space?


Oil on 40x50cm wooden board, framed and ready to hang.

Just £60 including P&P!  Buy Now
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