The £10 Range

These earrings are all hypoallergenic (surgical steel earring hooks) and all prices include P&P and gift box. Personalised message and gift-wrap are freely available on request!

£10 Earrings .png

  • Pink Rectangles with Pastel Multi detail  Buy Now
  • Green and Red Festive Rectangles Buy Now
  • Pink and Navy hollow-diamond-shape  Buy Now
  • Gold and Orange diamond-shapes with PalePink above Buy Now
  • Pink and Gold hollow-diamond-shapes  Buy Now
  • Gold hollow-kite with PalePink corners  Buy Now

£10 Earrings  .png

  • Pink/Gold Rectangle  Buy Now
  • Pink, PalePink and Gold diamond-shapes  Buy Now
  • Festive Red diamond-shape with Navy detail and Gold above  Buy Now
  • Festive Red diamond-shape with Green detail and Navy above  Buy Now
  • Multi and Orange drop-triangle with Pink above Buy Now
  • Pink and Black Stripes Buy Now
  • Green-Gold hollow-diamond-shape with Schwartz Crystal Buy Now
  • Navy drop-triangle with Pink and Orange Stripes and Green detail – Buy Now

£10 earrings  copy.png

  • Purple, Orange and Red 3-stripe  Buy Now
  • Gold, Red and Navy hollow-diamond-shapes  Buy Now
  • Pink and Black diamond-shapes with Orange detail Buy Now
  • Red diamond-shape with Silver inlay – Buy Now
  • Red hollow-diamond-shapes Buy Now
  • Green-gold Circular Buy Now
  • Festive Red and Green rectangles Buy Now
  • Black Hearts with Gold above  Buy Now