Lily of the Valley Earrings – £12

These earrings were originally made to go with the Lily of the Valley necklaces (see other listing!) but are beautiful in their own right! Full of charm and class, these colourful yet elegant earrings will catch many a jealous eye at formal events, parties and even in the workplace. They are contemporary and bright yet with a traditional, almost vintage air – and of course the earring hooks are hypoallergenic (surgical steel).

The matching necklaces (see my other listing! are based on Kalevala’s famous Finnish Lily of the Valley necklace, but with more colour and sparkle, and very much my own style. This set is a must-have for women of all ages who love the elegant and stylish look. 12 different colours/designs available – see photos! The necklaces contain real Schwartz (Swarovski) crystals. All necklace chains are silver-plated and fully adjustable (smallest 16″ but I can make them even smaller on request!).

If your favourite colour isn’t listed here but you love these earrings or necklaces, do drop me a message and I can see about making you a bespoke set with colours of your choice. No problem!


Just £12 including P&P!

  • Navy with Light Green Buy Now
  • Blue-SilverBuy Now
  • Pink with PinkBuy Now
  • Beige/Gold with Dappled GoldBuy Now
  • Purple with Beige/GoldBuy Now
  • Silver-PinkBuy Now
  • Beige/Gold with Black/Silver – SOLD, sorry!
  • Red with Black/SilverBuy Now
  • Dappled Gold with RedBuy Now
  • Orange with Silver Buy Now
  • Beige/Gold with Light GreenBuy Now
  • Dappled Blue with Purple – SOLD, sorry!

All jewellery comes in a red organza bag, and can contain gift-wrap and personalised message if required – let me know if this is what you’d like!

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Lily of the valley earrings hessian .jpg

Lily of the valley earrings hessian.jpg