Classy Ladies

Acrylic on 24X30cm stretched canvas (sides painted), ready to hang.

I love being in fancy places, surrounded by expensively-dressed people, despite how ‘out of place’ I feel among them. I remember the first year of the Cheltenham International Tango Festival, where I was extremely excited to have the opportunity to dress up… We travelled there on the bus from Gloucester and had some funny glances and comments from passers-by as we walked to the bus. When we arrived we were surrounded by very well-presented persons – men in tuxedos and bow ties with matching handkerchiefs; elegant ladies with stunning dresses and gorgeous shoes fanning themselves with sparkly and lacy fans – all standing under huge chandeliers in halls lined by marble pillars. What an atmosphere. I went to that same festival this year and was chatting with Ben at the bar, commenting that I had felt out of place driving around Cheltenham in our little 17 year old Corsa, and a man nearby said, “Yes, I know the feeling – I came here in my battered old Mercedes and felt strange being surrounded by these shiny Cheltenham cars!” …battered old Mercedes….

£50 Classy Ladies, acrylic on 24x30cm canvas .jpg

Acrylic on 24X30cm stretched canvas (sides painted), ready to hang.

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