Oil on 15″x18″ wooden board, framed (see below).

This is a new oil painting which depicts contentment. The pastel colours used portray tenderness and joy – a mindset with the power to change any scene to an image of beauty. Realistically this could have been a withered old bouquet in a plain 50p vase with a glass of tasteless wine, but this mindset of gratitude and happiness has turned it into something quite lovely.

May we choose to consider our situations today and this week with this same gratitude – this contentment with what we have; this joy and tenderness. And may our days be filled with fantastic wine, luxurious flowers and lovely colours!

£60 Bouquet, oil on board .jpg

Oil on 15″x18″ wooden board, framed (see below).

£120 including P&P. Buy Now

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£120 Bouquet, oil on woden board, framed