One-off Acrylic Afternoons


Would you love to explore acrylic paints in an unthreatening environment, and to learn new ways of painting but without committing to the full painting course? Then you’ve come to the right place!

The below one-off sessions will be held on Friday afternoons, 2-4pm, here in Barnwood (the specific location will be sent in an email when you book your place). The sessions are very relaxed but will be guided, and all materials will be provided. Do feel free to bring your own materials if you prefer – but you are more than welcome to use mine (and the cost will remain the same). 

No two paintings will be the same – each participant will do the sorts of pictures that they would like to produce, with help and guidance from me along the way. This means that I am not going to simply give you a picture and tell you to copy it. We will experiment and learn various styles, trying out different shapes and colours together and blending colours in ways that you find exhilarating, so that each participant will become an artist in their own right with their distinctive ways and personal favourites, not simply lots of clones of my style! We will follow our imaginations, dream, and learn to go wherever the paint and brush may lead; we will explore and express themes that are important; and most importantly we will have a good time. Art is not just about making a mess and creating something pretty, but about making sense of the world; conveying purpose; causing viewers to feel things. Painting is an outlet, a therapy, a tool – not just a hobby.

After each session each participant will be given a code to access a detailed recap of what we practiced and created in that session, through this website.

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Friday 29th June: Use of colour combinations in creating different feelings. (Winter piece.)

Friday 27th July: Blending colours and shades for layers and perspective. (Rolling Hills piece.)

Friday 31st August:  Textured effects with varied brush techniques & colour combinations. (Forest piece.)

Friday 28th September:  Textured effects with mixed media. (Storm piece or Abstract piece.)

Friday 26th October: Reflections & water techniques. Mountains & Lakes piece.

Friday 30th November:  Shapes – different ways of conveying people or animal shapes, and trees. (Sunset & Silhouette piece.)

The cost is £15 per person per session, or just £25 for two people booking together or for one person booking two sessions! (Further discounts apply for 3+ people or 3+ sessions.)

Fill in this form to book your place. Within a few days I’ll email you with your welcome letter and the remaining details (e.g. location). Looking forward to seeing you!



If you have a group of 3+ people who would like to do any of these sessions as a private group (even in your own house or venue if desired!), do contact me and let me know which session you would like and your preferred date. The cost would be £40 for 3-4 people; £50 for 5-6 people; £60 for 7-8 people; £70 for 9-10 people; £80 for 11-12 people. All resources will be provided (canvasses, paints, brushes, art papers & mounts, palettes etc). …Or Book Here!

If you prefer a Platinum Pack (perfect for small birthday celebrations or hen parties etc), all participants will leave not only with their painting but also with their own new set of brushes, a blank canvas or sketchbook, and a personal set of acrylic paints to take home. The total cost is £55 for 1-4 people; £68 for 5-6 people; £80 for 7-8 people; £90 for 9-10 people; £99 for 11-12 people. Book Here! Available anywhere in Gloucestershire.



DATE TBC: Water Techniques. Stream or Beach piece (personal choice).

DATE TBC: Glass techniques. Wine/Champagne glass or Vase piece.

DATE TBC: Using Black Pen over a Painting. Village Scene piece.

DATE TBC: Clouds – various Textures & Methods. Sea & Sky piece.

DATE TBC: Attention to Detail – Foreground vs Background & different Brush Techniques.

DATE TBC: Skin – People (arms & legs shading). Piece involving People.

DATE TBC: Abstract & Bold Shapes, Lines, Shading with No Obligations. Abstract piece.

[Any of the above sessions are available on request for a date of your choice if you have a group of 3+ people who would like to participate!]