CHAI 2018

Hello! Welcome to the Kat Gibson Art School Of Acrylic Painting. I’m glad you’re here.

CHAI is the CHristmas Art Intensive – it’s ten 90-minute art classes for 8-18s, with five half-hour lunch breaks. It’s a total of 15 hours of art tuition plus lunch. All equipment is provided.

NB: The 2018 dates are Monday 17th – Friday 21st December, NOT 18th-22nd.

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The 2018 dates are Monday 17th – Friday 21st December 🙂

Each student will leave at the end of the week having graduated SOAP Level 1! In addition to learning many techniques, styles and painting tools detailed below, each student will leave with ten paintings that can be kept or even given away as last-minute Christmas gifts or birthday gifts throughout 2019. Each session students will practice new techniques in a personal artist sketchbook and then produce a painting either on artist paper or 30x40cm stretched canvas (personal choice).

As a graduation gift at the end of the week, each student will receive a Level 1 Badge and Certificate, a personal set of acrylic paints, one 30x40cm stretched canvas and one larger 40x50cm stretched canvas, a set of quality paintbrushes, a Kat Gibson Art bumper sticker and a £10 voucher to spend on!

Here’s the curriculum for the CHristmas Art Intensive (developed by yours truly – copyright 2017 Kat Gibson Art). I have to let you know at this point, if you are not already aware, that I am a self-taught artist and will be teaching these techniques based on what I have picked up from my own years’ worth of experience, not from any other curriculum from any organisation.

Monday 10:30-12: Mastering 5 Techniques with a Flat Brush. Abstract OR Hills & Trees piece.

Monday 12:30-2pm: Confidence in varied Brush Techniques; Introducing Art Styles. Flag piece.

Tuesday 10:30-12: Use of Colour Combinations in creating different Feelings. Winter piece.

Tuesday 12:30-2pm: Blending Colours and Shades for Layers and Perspective. Rolling Hills piece.

Wednesday 10:30-12: Textured Effects with Brush Techniques & Colour Combinations. Forest piece.

Wednesday 12:30-2pm: Textured Effects with Mixed Media. Storm piece on stretched canvas.

Thursday 10:30-12: Shading; use of Light & Dark. Still Life piece.

Thursday 12:30-2pm: Shapes – People. Confidence in the Brush & Hand. Sunset & Silhouette piece.

Friday 10:30-12: Animals & Trees. Brush Confidence again. Sunset & Silhouette piece.

Friday 12:30-2pm: Abstract & Bold Shapes, Lines, Shading with No Obligations. Abstract piece.

Every session, each student will produce a painting, the theme of which is specified at the end of each heading above. No two paintings will be the same – each student will do the sorts of pictures that they would like to produce, with help and guidance from me along the way. This means that I am not going to simply give all students a picture and tell them to copy it. I will teach them to experiment and learn various styles, try out different shapes and colours together, blend colours in ways that they find exhilarating, so that each student will become an artist in their own right with their distinctive ways and personal favourites, not simply lots of clones of me or my style! I will train them to imagine, to dream, to follow where the paint and brush may lead, and to explore or express themes that are important to them. Art is not just about making a mess and creating something pretty, but about making sense of the world; conveying purpose; causing viewers to feel things. Painting is an outlet, a therapy, a tool – not just a hobby.

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*NB If under 4 places are booked by 10th Dec, unfortunately CHAI will have to be cancelled.