Welcome! Below you’ll find helpful information about the various art-based courses I offer. If you’d like to see the Curriculum for the School of Acrylic Painting (below), click Here. Looking forward to seeing you!


Hi! Welcome. I’m glad you came. I gather you’re here because you heard about my SOAP classes… Here’s some more info! School Of Acrylic Painting. Welcome to the Kat Gibson Art School Of Acrylic Painting. I am a self-taught artist and will be teaching techniques and methods based on what I have picked up from … Continue reading Tuition

One-off Acrylic Afternoons

Hello! Would you love to explore acrylic paints in an unthreatening environment, and to learn new ways of painting but without committing to the full painting course? Then you’ve come to the right place! The below one-off sessions will be held on Friday afternoons, 2-4pm, here in Barnwood (the specific location will be sent in … Continue reading One-off Acrylic Afternoons

Canvas Stretching Class

Hello! If you, like me, are constantly frustrated at how much it costs to buy stretched canvasses for painting, you’ve come to the right place! NOTE THE NEW DATE – Saturday 21st April. If anyone really wants to do the course on a different date, if you find two or three others to do it … Continue reading Canvas Stretching Class

CHAI 2018

Hello! Welcome to the Kat Gibson Art School Of Acrylic Painting. I’m glad you’re here. CHAI is the CHristmas Art Intensive – it’s ten 90-minute art classes for 8-18s, with five half-hour lunch breaks. It’s a total of 15 hours of art tuition plus lunch. All equipment is provided. NB: The 2018 dates are Monday 17th – Friday … Continue reading CHAI 2018

Christmas Craft Community 2018

Hello! Welcome to the Kat Gibson Art School Of Acrylic Painting. I’m glad you’re here! Please note: 2018 dates are Monday 17th – Friday 21st December, NOT 18th-22nd! The CCC (Christmas Craft Community) will meet 5-7pm daily, on Monday 17th – Friday 21st December 2018. Refreshments will be provided, along with all equipment needed for the various … Continue reading Christmas Craft Community 2018

Jewellery Workshops

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. New for Summer 2018 is an opportunity to design and create your own stylish jewellery out of a wide range of colours and shapes! I have not offered these workshops before now because the materials I use are unique and no longer produced – they cannot be bought in craft … Continue reading Jewellery Workshops

Jewellery Parties!

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Are you hoping to plan a birthday party but not sure what to do, or how to make it memorable and fun? Or planning a hen party or other celebration, and hoping not to make it too wild/energetic/reckless? Or are you simply looking for something enjoyable to do with a … Continue reading Jewellery Parties!

Painting Parties!

Welcome! If you have a group of 4+ people who would like to do an acrylic painting session as a private group – even in your own house or venue if desired – let’s talk about it! All resources are provided (canvasses, paints, brushes, art papers & mounts, palettes etc) and I can come to any location … Continue reading Painting Parties!