Many people have asked me what my jewellery is made from. Let me tell you. It starts with resin-like strips called Friendly Plastic (unfortunately it seems that Friendly Plastic strips are not produced any more, so I’m working with limited materials!) which have a colourful and very shiny metallic topping.

Perhaps I’ll pop an article on here one day with step-by-step pictures… How it works is this: I cut pieces off these strips – shapes, squares, blocks etc – and arrange them in the desired shapes on some tin-foil on a baking tray. I then pop them in the oven and watch them carefully for a few minutes until they begin to melt and fuse together. Then I remove them from the oven and might add a second layer of plastic, and put them back in for that layer to melt, too. I then remove them from the oven and prod them about with needles and cocktail sticks to produce the desired effects, and once they have cooled and set I play around with jump rings, earring hooks and necklace chains. It’s fantastic fun to work with, though very stressful during the cooling/prodding process – it’s very easy to go dramatically wrong and make horrible mistakes! My husband knows to keep away from me during this time…!