Birds on a Line

This painting makes me think of my grandparents… Until about five years ago they were both very active, doing lots of walking and cycling and getting involved in many different things in their town. Then Grandad had a stroke and Grandma developed breathing problems – and they became much less able to go on long walks and cycle and be out and about all day every day. It has forced them to slow down a great deal, which of course can be both a blessing and a burden. Since then whenever I ask how they are, they say, “oh, you know, propping each other up and watching the world go by.” I am immensely thankful that they still have each other. This is the sort of companionship depicted in the painting – the two birds stand firm together, watching the world go by (and possibly even propping each other up, too!). Their friendship comes above and beyond anything that the world may throw at them; and together they are secure. Safe at each other’s side. May this be a symbol to inspire, challenge and motivate all married couples – standing firm together, propping each other up and at times simply sitting and watching the world go by.

£55 Birds on a Line, 30x40cm

Acrylic on 24X30cm stretched canvas (sides painted), ready to hang.

£55 including P&P.

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Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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