Fishing is one of those wonderful activities that one cannot do in a hurry. It slows us down, calms the soul, teaches us the essential life lesson of waiting, and the virtue of patience. Ben has an eccentric uncle in Finland who used to take him fishing as a child, and although they spoke very little of one another’s languages they had a fantastic time and there was a special bond between them. Even now, decades later, Ben still fondly recalls going fishing with Antti and what a wonderful man he was to invest such time and energy in his young foreign nephews who speak little Finnish and know little about fishing. It is very much a relationship-building activity regardless of whom it is done with – the space and time are provided in which people can have real, in-depth and personal conversations, or indeed sit together in comfortable silence. Those conversations, those real, vulnerable, gritty conversations are (I believe) what makes life worthwhile – whether or not fishing rods are present. And anything that provides the space and opportunity for those conversations to flow naturally – like fishing – must be worth pursuing.

£40 Fishing, oil on canvas paper, framed

Oil on canvas paper, framed and ready to hang.

£40 including P&P.

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Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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