Bewick’s Swan

Few things are more graceful and peaceful than the swan. So calm and collected, so lovely, so pure – they remind us of all that is restful and pleasant in life. Last Spring Ben and I visited Kazakhstan and one afternoon we were sitting in an outdoor cafe area feeling very hot and sweaty and a little anxious about the following day’s activities and how they would go, and we looked over and saw swans in the little pond and immediately felt more calm. They seemed so pleasantly cool and graceful, while we were sat there sweating in the heat and worrying about our preparations for the following day. They seemed so clean and fresh, while we were sat there covered in brown dust from the road and the morning’s travels. In the dark water they stood out – so white and pure. As we gazed at the swans I began asking so many questions – how did they come to be here? Do they technically belong to the Queen of England? Who feeds these lovely creatures? How do their feathers stay so gloriously white in such murky water? Are they really as calm and peaceful as they look? …Let us learn from the graceful swan, and stand out – let us be the light in the dark places; be the peace in this chaotic world; be refreshed, and a refreshing influence when those around us are sweating and worrying.
£45 Bewicks Swan oil 10x12

Oil on artist paper, mounted, framed and ready to hang.

£50 including P&P.

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Have a wonderful week!



Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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