I don’t usually paint still-life pictures. Perhaps because they seem quaint and uninteresting to me, or because so many other people paint them. But I did enjoy painting these lemons. Lemons are, to me at least, a symbol of sour bitterness turned into something lovely – lemonade; lemon drizzle cake; the perfect pancake topping; lemon chicken – a thousand uses for something which on its own seems unpleasant. This is reflected in society again and again, and in children’s stories, and all around us – how seemingly unpleasant or bitter people end up both providing and indeed becoming something truly lovely when their strengths are discovered and used, and when they are valued for who they are rather than being squeezed into other people’s stereotypes or concepts of what they should be like. Let us see people in this light – the people that perhaps we struggle with, or avoid, or see little good in – let us begin to explore those people’s strengths and ideas and dreams and passions and skills, and learn of their real and unique beauty.

 £50 Lemons, oil 10x12".jpg

Oil on artist paper, mounted, framed and ready to hang.

£50 including P&P. https://katgibsonart.com/lemons/

See also on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram at KatGibsonArt.

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Have a wonderful week!



Kat Gibson


07985 242543



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