What strikes you when you look at this woman? Her clothing? Her posture? The shapes and colours around her? What do these things make you think of?
To me this is a picture of liberation – the freedom to express oneself, to step outside of the boxes that people and the world are determined to confine us in. It is a symbol of our identities being shaped by who we really are and what we enjoy, not by the things that may limit us or limit other people in their understanding of us. For this reason in the painting there is little detail on the lady’s face: she could represent any one of us.
The bold rounded shapes that surround the character represent expectations that are placed upon her as a result of people’s views and assumptions of her life. She is leaping, wild and free, between these shapes, seemingly oblivious to their presence despite their bold colours. She is not held back by them but reaches forward and upward, striving to reach greater heights with neither pressure from external sources nor from herself – she is calm and collected but vibrant and excited about what life is and could be. She is a dreamer but still grounded in reality, achieving great heights from her own motivation and refusing to be chained down by the world and the opinions of people. She is truly free.


£55 Leap 30x40cm.jpg

Oil on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas (with sides painted), ready to hang.


£55 including P&P. https://katgibsonart.com/leap/

See also on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram at KatGibsonArt.

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Have a wonderful week!



Kat Gibson


07985 242543



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