Calm River

This painting is anther favourite of mine. The way the bold, brash colours in the lake contrast the soft pastel colours of the sky represents opinion and perspective – the way in which different people can look at the same situation and see it completely differently. We see this all the time in different contexts – the various ways that an email is read by different people; the ways in which behaviour or appearance is perceived – even something simple as a passing comment, or a facial expression, or clothing, can mean completely different things to different people. Similarly the same beautiful view will conjure up different emotions, bring back different memories, and invite vastly different reactions from different people. This painting is a reminder to me to think about the different ways in which the things I say and do may be received, and to be sensitive to the needs and mindsets of others around me. This is shown not only in the colours of the sky and lake but also in the three different areas of land which contrast against one another but fit together within the painting. It is also depicted in the way the reflection of the sun on the lake is not 100% straight – it is very slightly slanted to the right, as a reminder of different perspectives.


Oil on wooden board, framed and ready to hang.

£60 including P&P.

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Have a wonderful week!



Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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