Snowy Forest

There is nothing quite like a forest of pine trees covered in snow. This painting shows a clearing in the foreground with thick snow covering the bumpy land, and then pine trees as far as the eye can see, their branches drooping with the weight of the pure, fresh snow. The sky above is blue but wispy clouds veil the distant sun, so it is a cold scene with no sign yet of the snow beginning to melt. Although the snow in the clearing appears untouched by tracks of any kind, who knows what small creatures may have found shelter in the dark shadows of the trees or beneath snow-laden branches, hibernating or otherwise hiding themselves away until the world thaws and life resumes as normal. This picture, as with many of my paintings, is mysterious to me – nobody could ever know how many hundreds of little secrets are concealed in the unseen corners or buried deep beneath the snow on the ground.

£50 Snowy Forest, acrylic on 30x40cm canvas.JPG

Acrylic on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas, with sides painted and ready to hang.

£50 including P&P.

See also on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram at KatGibsonArt.

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Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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