Flowers and Wine

To me this is a simple yet elegant depiction of ‘grown up life’. I painted this within a short time of finishing University, and it was quite symbolic for me. Caring about such things as flowers neatly arranged, red wine, cream tablecloths and oranges on side plates – this shows that life in the world of sophisticated adults has truly begun. When I was a teenager I used to think that when I buy a blender of my own – that would be the defining moment that makes me a ‘grown-up’. So when I moved into my first flat, alone and very happy, within a week of living there I rushed to the secondhand furniture shop down the road and with tremendous excitement bought my first blender, exclaiming to the shop assistant that it was the sign of me having really reached adulthood. This painting attempts to express such a feeling – doing away with the apparent trivialities of adolescence and entering into the big wide world of adult life.


£60 Flowers and Wine 30x40cm.jpg

Acrylic on 30x40cm (approx. 12″x16″) stretched canvas, with sides painted and ready to hang.


£60 including P&P.


See also on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram at KatGibsonArt.


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Have a wonderful week!



Kat Gibson

07985 242543


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