Calm City

For my Dad’s 50th birthday I took him to Istanbul for a long-weekend and showed him some of the sights and the food. I have one vivid memory of sitting on a sloped grassy bank drinking strong black Turkish tea, looking out over the water and watching the sun set. The sky was full of vibrant colour, and the water reflected it with calm ease. We could see some buildings silhouetted on the other side, with the sun glinting off the roofs.
I didn’t take any decent photos at the time, but painted this years later letting my memory express itself in a style I am not particularly used to. To me the picture feels blocky and strange because of the crude shapes of the buildings in the distance, but this is the way my memory and my hands ended up portraying it and I am hesitantly satisfied with the result – to me it reflects an little of the strangeness that accompanies cross-cultural exploration while still putting across the feelings of warm calm that we experienced drinking our tea on the grassy bank that evening after a long and happy day as tourists in a beautiful land.


£60 Calm City, oil on wooden board, framed

Oil on wooden board, framed and ready to hang.


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